Friday, October 15, 2004

Buckler lul

Yesterday evening, I watched the very entertaining documentary "Journeys With George" by Alexandra Pelosi on tv. Alexandra follows George W. Bush for one year during his campaign for the presidential elections in 2000. At one moment in the documetary, Bush drinks Buckler beer and shows the bottle to the camera proudly pointing out it is non-alcoholic.

A famous expression by a Dutch comedian immediately flashed through my head. In the early nineties, this comedian destroyed the image of Buckler beer in The Netherlands by characterizing a man drinking it as 'Buckler lul' (Buckler dick). Has there ever been a more appropriate use of the phrase Buckler lul than in this case? Bush embodies everything a 'Buckler lul' should: someone who presents himsef as an overly righteous, a christian moralist defending family values. And: going to war in Iraq after false accusations, making the poor even poorer, the rich richer, executing as many death penalties as possible, trying to block progression in gay rights, refusing to sign the Kyoto treaty to make sure future generations can live on an inhabitable planet, etc. etc. etc.

Well... it was nice to see him as a human being with humour in this documantary. It puts my disgust for Bush in perspective, but still... PLEASE let Kerry win.