Thursday, March 30, 2006

Alive and kicking... but not ont The Net recently...

Dear readers, first of all I'd like to apologise for suddenly leaving you without notice. The new year has been very hectic for me; my life has changed and I'm loving it. No, there's no new boyfriend (wouldn't mind though). And no, I (still :( !!) haven't managed to graduate. But I did get rid of my lousy job and found me a new one. And may I add: a much better one! Since I have the new job, I suddenly find myself in a position where my dreaded money problem is gone. I pay my bills, buy food... and suddenly there's money left to go out regularly, buy bags full of new clothes, plan an extra holiday... oh, how I'm lovin' it.

Okay, so here's the deal: this post is the start of a new blog. The next few days I'll be thinking about what to do next. A brand new blog? Continue this blog in a new design? Maybe just continue to post on my new life on this old blog? I'll let you know.

I'll be back! Soon.