Saturday, November 19, 2005


I'm no fan of rainy weather, but I do love autumn if the weather is like this:

This was Groningen at 5 PM somewhere during this past week. The fresh and chilly air made my nose run... I got home and I fired up the heating, lit some candles and curled up on the couch with a friend. This is how autumn is supposed to be.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hilarious cats

Thank you Hot Lunch for bringing the site My Cat Hates You dot com to my attention. I've laughed my ass off while browsing through the cat-pics and the captions below the photos; some are hilarious! Check it out!

(Click photo to enlarge.)

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

On a more cheeful note

It seems my intestines are calming down a bit... I haven't been to the toilet in more than an hour! I've just eaten my first solid food of the day. ;) And I'm going to bore you with a second post to compensate for my absence these past weeks.

All this while listening to Madonna's new album for the 7th time today. MY GOD, it is fantastic! Of course it's an illegally downloaded copy, but hey... a fan can't resist the temptation to hear it several days before it hits the stores of course. (And I'll still buy my CD the very first minute I can.)

And on a more ambiguous note: our climate really seems to be changing... Normally we have depressing cold and rainy weather from late September onwards. Not this year though. The temperature still is close to 20ºC (68ºF), the sun shines very often and while normally all trees should have lost their leaves, most trees are still totally green mid-November! The rose at my patio is blossoming again (picture taken last Sunday) and butterflies and ladybugs can be seen flying around... Although the gradual change of climate is no good news, the warm weather is good for my mood. This morning I heard on the radio they expect us to have Southern France's climate in the Netherlands in about 50 to 100 years...

Sorting things out

My life is too hectic. (Hence the lack op posts.) I've got to start getting my priorities sorted out. My job takes a considerable amount of time and because I hate the job, it consumes even more energy. Then there's my voluntary work consuming about ten to twelve hours a week... all while I should be studying the bigger part of my time. (And I'm not. I manage to spend about 20 hours on my study if I have a good week.)

This realization is finally setting in while I'm sitting at home, being sick. Studying is not really an option today because my intestinal cramps, my constant runs for the toilet and an annoying headache. I'm not doing anything today so I've finally had time to think about the way things are going.

I really need to start saying 'no' to people more often. No more extra tasks. No more sleepovers at my place. No help painting your new home. No extra hours at work. I'm finally realizing I'm really too tired and too stressed out! I'm always there to help out others, but I need to start to think more about my own life, health and career. I need to sleep more, work out more and study more. All other things are of less importance until I've got my PharmD degree. Unfortunately I have to keep working to be able to eat, but I should keep an eye out for a better job. I've got a MSc in Pharmacy for heaven's sake! There should be some better part-time job out there.