Friday, May 27, 2005


Finally! Summer is here! I haven't posted yesterday; here's why:

These are yesterday's maximum temperatures... almost 30ºC (86ºF) in Groningen (in the white circle). I think we're having our first tropical (30º+) day of this year today! End of post, I'm going outside again.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A smoke.. I really want one...

I need a cigarette; this is a terrible evening. I've quit smoking on Sunday April 24, so it's exactly a month ago now. And I have to say: today is a BAD day. I've been longing for a cigarette all day now. Strange how one can be fine without smokes for days and suddenly feel in need of nicotine. Maybe it's coupled to sex; I had a strong longing for sex today as well. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find a suitable internet date yet. It could be the summer closing in (25-30ºC for the upcoming 4 days) or... maybe it's just me. Well, I'll just jerk off and hope for more luck tomorrow.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I am sore like never before

I'm sooo sore! This will be a short post since the myalgia in my biceps is so bad, moving my arms during typing actually hurts a lot. I started working-out at the gym again yesterday after a prolonged period of inactivity. Guess I was a bit overenthusiastic, doing a two-hour workout. Hope I'll be fine again on Monday so I can go training again.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Big Dana's

There is this fast-food place called Big Dana's close to my home. It's been there for about two years, but I've never been there since I try to minimize the amount of fast-food I eat.

Last Wednesday I was in a hurry and didn’t even have time to eat a microwave meal. So I tried Big Dana’s. OMG, that was good! And not as unhealthy as I expected! I immediately decided I could eat there now and then.

Today, two days later, there was a big fire in the appartment directly above Dana's... Dana's might be closed for a while because of damage by water. This is the sign I needed: No more Big Dana's for me.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Getting around

The advantage of internet-dating: you can get to see many places you normally wouldn't. Frat houses, expensive luxurious appartments, 'vinex' houses (can't translate that). It sometimes leaves me with some pretty good interior decorating ideas for my next home. I'm still not sure what style I want for my next house. Have to keep getting around I guess.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shocking news

This morning's news left me totally shocked... Kylie has breast cancer! A friend of mine sent me an SMS this morning with just these words and I couldn't believe it. I saw the 36 year old icon's amazing Showgirl Tour just over a month ago. All remaining tour dates have been postponed and Kylie will begin immediate treatment.

Hang in there Kylie! Get well soon!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Queensday 2005

I think Queensday (April 30th) in Amsterdam is the party of the year in The Netherlands. Somehow everybody goes crazy; they get dressed up in whacky orange outfits (it's the the national color) and party from the evening of the 29th until early moning May 1st at street parties in about every street in the city center. Even the canals are crowded with boats packed with dancing orange partypeople.

If you ever plan to visit Amsterdam... try to be there on April 30th. You won't believe your eyes, seeing everyone go crazy when celebrating Queen Beatrix.