Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kylie's Showgirl Tour - could it be any gayer?

The answer is no! Take a look at this picture from the concert:

Where did all the straight men go? My estimation is about 60 percent of the audience existed of gay men, 38 percent women and 2 percent straight men (probably dragged along by their girlfriends). Well, Kylie obviously knows her fans; the show was a glitzy gay fest. All necessary ingredients were present, from colorful feathers to gorgeous barely dressed dancers in a hot gym shower scene. And of course all her biggest hits incuding 'In Denial' (Lyrics: "... All these queens and fairies, and muscle Mary's - The rough trade boyfriend, who in his pathetic own way denies he gay...") plus Judy's 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

It was a fantastic concert last Sunday in Rotterdam. Kylie's voice was marvelous, the show was astonishing, the dancers were divine. Standing on front row, I sometimes found it hard to decide where to look... at Kylie walking down the catwalk or at the dancers staying on the stage. I can't wait to buy the DVD. :)