Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A new browser war... thank god!

Whee, I'm back to bloggin' again. Had a bit of a rough time lately... had to finish a website beside doing all my regular work. During the time I was developing the new website, the War of the Browsers started again. And to be honest... it was about time. I won't tire you with details, but since Internet Explorer doesn't stick to web-standards, web development can be a big pain in the ass. Your site looks good in Internet Explorer OR it looks good in all other browsers; it takes a lot of tricks to make them look the same in all browsers. Take a look at for instance... looks great in a proper browser, but Internet Explorer doesnt display it at all.

Let's hope Microsoft will finally 'finish' their web browser now they have competition from Firefox. It's about time for Microsoft to implement full support for web standards and standards like semi-transparent png images... All other browsers do, why doesn't Micro$oft? It would make the life of web developers a lot easier. Meanwhile I can only advice you to swich to Firefox, the breeze of fresh air for the internetter.

Get Firefox!