Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Madonna, two weeks after

As I write this, I'm still not totally recovered from the awesome Madonna concert in Arnhem, exactly two weeks ago today. What a fabulous show; one of the most memorable nights of my life.

Madonna concert

I was standing just a few feet from the stage, with Madge almost at touchable distance. Around me only women and many outrageous gay guys. (Apparently we're the only ones crazy enough to stand in line for hours and hours to conquer a spot close to Her Royal Highness, Queen of the queens.) I've jumped, sung, danced, cheered and of course listened the entire concert in a ecstatic state of mind. I've screamed the lungs out of my body after each song. My voice was gone for days and my throat has been sore for more than a week, but I'd do it again anytime...

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Neil said...

i love your pic of Madonna. I saw all her London and Paris dates and wueued for hours too, so sympathise! Nothing will beat seeing her in HMV last year though - private gig, 4500 fans, the 24 hour Q was worth it..
cool blog!